Our Team

Terra travel d.o.o. Zadar


Terra Travel

Head office

Matije Gupca 2a
23000 Zadar

P: +385 (0)99 205 9393

P: +385(0)23 337 294


Working hours

Winter working hours 15.10.-01.04.

Monday – Friday 08:00-20:00
Saturday 08:00-13:00
Sunday and holiday closed

Summer working hours 01.04.-15.10.

Every day 08:00-21:00


Tomislav Fain

Head Management

GSM: +385(0)98 756 998


Accommodation & Marketing

Marija Klapan

Product manager

GSM: +385(0)99 212 8584


Accommodation & Marketing

Vines Mašina

Product manager

GSM: +385(0)99 67 555 67


Transfers & Head of fleet

Marin Marić

Sales manager

GSM: +385(0)99 210 8456


Restaurant bookings

Tamara Vidaic

Sales manager

GSM: +385(0)99 212 8583


Excursions & Guides

Marta Kosić

Product manager

GSM:+385(0)99 58 99 342


Accounting and payment

Petra Perković

Accountant manager

P: +385(0)23 337 770


Our highly valuable team, always on disposal for every guest.

Hospitality, frontdesk and guiding

Marija Klapan

I like my job because it is dynamic and interesting. I adore to travel and meet new people, as well as to do everything possible to make our guests feel comfortable and welcome in our beautiful country.

In free time, I like to read and travel

Languages: Italian, English

Nada Žakula

I love my job because it is dynamic and amusing, and the best part of this job is meeting new people every day and the opportunity to introduce them to our rich cultural and natural heritage.

Languages: English, German, Italian

Marija Ušljebrka

I love my job because of some very simple reasons. It makes me travel all around Croatia, I get to meet new people all around the world practically every day, it’s diverse, fun, and keeps me in touch with my true profession, history of art!

Hobbies:reading, traveling, yoga, hiking, jogging

Languages: English, Spanish


Darko Sturnela

Bus driver with more than fifteen years of experience in tourism.

Language: English

I like to keep it professional and safe while driving, yet share few jokes with my passengers during breaks.

Refik Softić

Bus driver with more than twenty years of experience on the road

Language: English

Best part of my job is meeting new people!

Ive Andrić

Bus driver with ten years of experience.

Language: German

As a bus driver you carry big responsibility, but in the same time, big joy witnessing guest's happiness when discovering new places.


Martin Medanić

I set out to sea first time when I was 10, but I started to work as a skipper twelwe years ago.

I was born at the sea in fisherman’s family and I’m living the sea whole my life. My passion for sea and fishing can not be described, only experienced!

Language: English

Petar Ivanov

I started to navigate sailing boats five years ago, although I have spent half of my life at sea.

It’s the calm, peaceful and easygoing lifestyle connected with amazing sound and scents of the sea that keeps me attached to it.

Language: English

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